Our Mission

Strategic alliances across government, research, and industry can inspire transformative science and engineering, spawn new businesses, create jobs, and produce thriving knowledge-based economies.

We have built and led enterprises that have this impact. In fact, we have spent our careers working, creating, and supporting these types of enterprises. We are committed to making innovation an instrument for educational, scientific, technological, and economic change. 

Across diverse fields from biotechnology to information technology, energy to the environment—and across all the STEM disciplines—we have launched and sustained academic, government, and industrial programs and institutions that have turned innovation and collaboration into economic impact. In support of our client aims, we:

  • Design and lead funding agencies at national, supranational, and sectoral levels.
  • Help establish new funding bodies focused on strengthening their economies and innovation ecosystems.
  • Advise and manage entrepreneurial start-ups in the industrial and university environments.
  • Connect universities and industry in economically significant research-based businesses.

Government organizations regularly seek our advice to improve their performance, address new challenges, and advance their countries. From our decades of experience working in the interface between government, universities, and industry to build high-performing operations, we know how critical the right advice is.

Whether clients represent the public or private sector, we share with them one goal:  creating and supporting programs, institutions, and investments that lead to innovation-based results and competitive advantage.

From Director William Harris

“It’s not about the idea only. It’s about the strategy, which has to be driven by two key metrics: excellence and impact. High standards lead to results—that’s the standard in science, and that has to be the standard for strategies that aspire to produce significant change.” — William Harris