Our Expertise

We bring to our clients experience working on every continent, in diverse cultures, in an array of academic, government, research, and private enterprises. Entrepreneurs at heart, we are scientists who have published thousands of articles in peer-reviewed journals and been elected to some of the prestigious organizations in our fields. 

Our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have formed as scientists who have enjoyed hands-on, practical experience as builders, leaders, evaluators, managers, and innovators within and across future-focused private and public operations.

Our experience includes leadership at such institutions as the following:

  • U.S. National Science Foundation
  • European Science Foundation
  • Bell Labs – Lucent Technologies
  • Carnegie Mellon University Africa
  • Science Foundation Ireland
  • Saab AB, a major aerospace company
  • Province of Ontario
  • Skoltech, a new Moscow-MIT Russian university
  • Westinghouse Electric
  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Ecole Polytechnique 
  • CalPoly
  • Johns Hopkins University 
  • Innopolis University, Russia’s first university dedicated to information technology
  • Trinity College Dublin

From Director John Hegarty

“The strength of any team is a powerful kind of chemistry, where individual expertise and team focus meet. We have tremendous respect for each other.  How could we not? But the greatest joy in this work, I think for all of us, comes from working together, specifically to deliver results tailored, to the very best of our ability, to meet the highest aspirations of each client.” — John Hegarty