Our Impact

We help change-minded clients across the globe develop strategies, policies, programs, and lasting organizations that capitalize on the power of research, bold ideas, and committed leadership to transform communities, states, and even nations. 

We have been involved in every aspect of these types of organizations, from the science to the administration, from the founding of such entities to managing and leading their work.

Part of the reason IAP exists is that we have been part of such institutions when they have been on the receiving end of expensive advice from consulting companies whose well-intentioned insights were generic and un-meaningful. We take a different approach that is:

  • Grounded in first-hand experience.
  • Built around in proven results.
  • Realistic about the policies, funding approaches, and feedback mechanisms that make a difference.

The work of our team has impacted operations in numerous countries, at every scale, from university programs to international organizations of great complexity. Examples of the impact made by our team’s approach include the following:

  • Establishing a new $1 billion science foundation in Ireland that has resulted in important scientific outcomes, recruited and retained outstanding scientists and scientific teams from around the world, dramatically increased the country’s international research competitiveness, and produced jobs and economic growth.
  • Leading Ireland’s premier university (Trinity College Dublin) into partnerships across government, city organizations, business enterprises, and the cultural sector for shared investments and impact on economic development.
  • Building multiple technology-based private companies and research institutes from the ground up, including in the areas of photonics, electronics, and molecular diagnostics.
  • Creating and leading new research and academic programs at such distinguished institutions as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • Developing and monitoring the steady improvement of pan-European strategic funding programs in scientific fields as well as related national infrastructure investments.

From Director Mats Nordlund

“The pace and quality of global competition require clear vision of direction supported by an intense focus on speed and efficiency. Key to success is the quality, knowledge, and training of the people involved—and on being innovative with a purpose. The kinds of innovations that will matter in the long run happen because they add value both scientifically and economically. It takes tremendous expertise and perspective to determine if investments in innovative programs have a high probability of success.” — Mats Nordlund